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typographic experiments.

For this project, I wanted to experiment with quotes by Bret Easton Ellis, specifically from the book the Rules of Attraction. This book resonated with me in my early college life, entering adulthood slightly embittered and jaded. In a way, this book enabled me to cope with these feelings and find ways to laugh at them. The themes and tones of this book include superficiality, eighties, dark comedy, and satire.

I wanted to be able to find a way to express these themes visually in my chosen quotes. I thought that in order to evoke these feelings, I had to utilize color, and distortion. 

I was able to control different variables with the access to two projectors. The audience interacts with these projections, which gave the letterforms another form of distortion, similar to what my initial concepts attempted. When the audience interacts with the light, it forces them to interact with the phrase being projected on the wall, as it is literally being projected onto them. It forces them to read and evaluate what the phrase might mean to them. 

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