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television is good.

For this project, my goals were to make a fun graphic about why people should watch television, using friendly language and illustration that made television seem cutesy.


I looked at a lot of retro and vintage illustrations of cartoony people and objects, and brought this style out in my illustrations with an updated color palette (yellow and magenta). The colors take it away from the vintage era palette that it could have fallen into.


The typefaces, Brandon Grotesque and Hoefler Italic, paired well together and helped solidify the friendly language used throughout. Brandon Grotesque is a friendly type inspired by typefaces from the 30s, and Hoefler Italic was a good way to reference the old script/italic type seen in my visual research.


The layout worked well in a “television” and fit well with the language and illustrations of my project, and added another layer of fun to the project.

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