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mindful moments.

Mindful Moments is a daily participatory photo project. The intent is to motivate participants to look out and observe the world around them. This is a simple way to practice mindfulness throughout daily life. This project has the potential to change the way participants look at the world, reduce day-to-day stress, and alter the way participants work! 

Each day, participants are assigned one color, and on that day, participants must take four photos of the color with a disposable camera. This is done so that while participants are going out and searching for each color, they actually end up observing their surroundings in entirety! Participants also had to record the time, place, and mood of each photo they took. And lastly, they had to record any relevant notes pertaining to the photo captured. This gives the participants an opportunity to reflect upon each moment. Recording helps people remember these moments, and it gives participants the means and an opportunity to take in their surroundings, encouraging a new way state-of-mind.

Seeing every participant’s contributions compiled together is a way that I can demonstrate that we are all pretty similar. This is collection of people’s moments throughout their daily lives, and these moments establish that we are all in this together.

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