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dress for success.

The purpose of this project was to rebrand an existing nonprofit, and create appropriate brand deliverables for the nonprofit. I chose Dress For Success, an organization that prepares women who have had trouble entering or re-entering the workforce.

The mark speaks to the essence and the brand. The arrow represents the journey that women who partake in this organization go on: Ups, downs, moving forward. The star represents the end result of the journey: Women radiating confidence, and empowerment. 

“Going places, going strong” is a tagline that can relate to 60s feminism, as it was a time where women were defying norms and actively liberating themselves from gender roles. The branding for Dress For Success ties to the 60s both conceptually and visually. Visually, the typefaces borrow from the bold sans-serif seen in ads from the 60s, and serifs reminiscent of fashion magazines. 

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