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classical music revival.

The purpose of this project was to create an event calendar and relevant collateral for a local organization. I chose to create my own event based on the Portland Chamber Orchestra's organization. The goals of this project are to revive and modernize all things classical music. Through performance and thorough (but fun) educational workshops, this project attempts to captivate audiences and students new and old. 

Through modern design, updating the archaic use of black letter and incorporation historic use of classic and romantic patterning, the design of the programming for this event will be an exciting presentation, and a nod to the artistic history coming out of countries of the musicians featured in this program. The presentation is vital in aligning with the themes and spirit of this event. The story is told through inspiring, scrolling patterns, paired with clean and simple typography. Blackletter and display text will be used with a combination of updated typefaces in order to show the past and present colliding. A soft color palette combine with black will be jarring and tell the story of past and present.

All are visual cues, indicating the relevance of classical music in today’s society. Modern teaching and playing techniques all unite these big ideas: Modernization, artistic revival, and education. 

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