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buy a banana! product site.

For my product placement project, I decided to take the “hands on” tactic quite literally. I also decided that I wanted to do a product that was a bit absurd, and a bit like a game. A banana was a simple product that really sells itself, so it doesn’t really need a product website convincing people to buy one. But it is a way to honor something beloved, and to make it beloved to banana-haters (I’m imagining picky kids). The website tells a story, too, of the experience a person has with a single banana.

I wanted my illustration style to be a bit quirky. I used brush and ink to draw them, which gave the lines a nice texture. It’s a bit rough and a bit strange but it fits the idea of my absurd childlike product ‘game.’ I think it particularly works with the colors. I wanted them to ‘pop’ and so the outlines are in that bright red and navy. The illustrations also help set the website in its own world.

Find the complete website below!

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